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Some classic and some photonic crystals

grown by pupils of the Georg-Kerschensteiner-Gymnasium, Müllheim, under the guidance of their teacher, Otto Schäfer


a) chrome alum octahedra embedded in alum cube (left) and alum octahedron,

b) seignette salt and potassium dihydrogen phosphate (front),

c) Mn-doped seignette salt (left), copper calcium acetate *6H2O and rocksalt*2glucose*H2O (right),

d) triglycine sulfate,

e) sodium chlorate (left) and sodium bromate,

f) nickel ammonium sulfate*6H2O (top) and lithium sodium chromate*6H2O,

g) + h) opals, diameters about 2 cm.

The coin has a diameter of 1.9 cm.

Crystals shown in fig.s a)-f) are permanently exhibited in the
entrance area of the Crystallography department of the
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany.

This page is referred to in
S. Müller, O. Schäfer, E. Keller,
Acta Cryst. C64, m300-m304 (2008)
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