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SCHAKAL 99 Downloads:

Tutorial Manual

tutorial.pdf (4.4 MB) the original "Tutorial Manual" ("TM")
(view with Adobe "Acrobat Reader") (4.0 MB) revised and improved "TM" as zipped HTML + PDF code
(store in new directory, unzip, and view with internet browser)
tutorial.tar.gz (4.0 MB) the latter, zipped for UNIX machines.

Program package

  • PC download:

    (version of June 14th, 2013)

    Set up a new directory, e.g. C:\sch99 or D:\sch99 . The new directory (called the "SCHAKAL main directory" in the following) must not be a subdirectory of the Windows standard programs directory (like C:\Program Files, C:\Programme etc.). Its path name must not contain any blank spaces.

    Download the file into the new directory, unzip it and read the file readme.pc which is in the new directory after unzipping.
 (1.4 MB)

    (NEW) Note: after complete installation of the program under MS Windows 7 (64 bit) copy the following two files into the SCHAKAL main directory:

    sch99.s99 (1.7 MB)
    salflibc.s99 (2.0 MB)

    Then delete the files sch99.exe and salflibc.dll in the SCHAKAL main directory (or move them to another directory)
    and rename the downloaded file sch99.s99 to sch99.exe and salflibc.s99 to salflibc.dll .

  • UNIX Downloads:

    (version of Dec. 31st, 2004)

    Download the two files into a new directory and unpack the file sch99.tar.gz by means of the script file s99unpk. Then read the file readme.xw which is in the new directory after unpacking.


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