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Some SCHAKAL 99 News

12. March, 2012

  • A fix for SCHAKAL not running under MS-Windows 7 (64 bit) has been put to the DOWNLOAD section

18. January, 2005

  • During the last four years SCHAKAL has not been developed any further due to a number of reasons (mainly lack of time) except for removal of some bugs and some minor additions. This will probably not change in the nearer future. The administration of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg therefore agreed to abandon the selling of licences to use the program. I.e., SCHAKAL 99 has been transferred into the public domain today.

    Thanks to all who have contributed to the SCHAKAL project in the past by purchasing a licence !

    While the legal status of the program changes today, I will continue in trying to ...

    • answer questions regarding installation or use of the program
    • remove bugs
    • make (minor) additions

16. December, 2003

  • "Tutorial Manual" can be downloaded from the DOWNLOAD section

07. April, 2003

  • New versions have been put to the DOWNLOAD section with few BUGS removed.

15. October, 2002

  • New versions have been put to the DOWNLOAD section with some bugs removed and the atoms/bonds capacity increased to 40000.

28. June, 2002

  • A "file selection box" has been added to the UNIX version of SCHAKAL 99 as an option. This facilitates significantly the selection of Input, Command, Save, etc. files. (Note: up to now, the file selection box has only been tested under IRIX, Solaris, and S.U.S.E. Linux).

    Users of an older version of SCHAKAL must order a new version of the "additional data" to install the new version of SCHAKAL (see DOWNLOAD section.

17. May, 2002

  • New versions have been put to the DOWNLOAD section which differ from the earlier ones by some removed BUGS and few minor additions.
  • Support for the MS-DOS version has been terminated. It will be left in the state of September, 2001.

03. July, 2001

  • A bug in the on-line manual has been fixed. An update is available from the DOWNLOAD section (obsolete!).

04. April, 2001

  • The MS-Win version of SCHAKAL 99 has been adapted to run with the newest version of the Salford Software FORTRAN system. This is supposed to lead to the following changes:
    • general drawing speed about 50-100% higher
    • no extraordinarily slow running on some computers any more
    • Correct generation of pellucidity effects for the "Windows printer" (device 8).
    Updates are available from the DOWNLOAD section.

04. Oct., 2000

  • all information has been redesigned to refer to SCHAKAL 99 instead of SCHAKAL 97. For differences between SCHAKAL 99 and SCHAKAL 97, click here.

12. Jan., 2000

  • SCHAKAL 99 has been put to the DOWNLOAD section.
  • the BUGS section has been updated
  • the other sections have been modified only slightly.

25. June, 1999

  • An e-mail order form for a test of SCHAKAL 97 has been added to the INFO section.

08. March, 1999

  • Some new FAQS have been added to the FAQ section (look for items flagged with (NEW)
  • Modifications which are supposed to make the program run with X servers of more than 8 bits colour depth (UNIX versions) have been added in the DOWNLOAD section.

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